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Gotham 5 x 8Legend of Dark Knight: I Am Bane2019-02-21
Gotham 5 x 7Legend of Dark Knight: Ace Chemicals2019-02-14
Gotham 5 x 6Legend of Dark Knight: The Air Is Getting Slippery2019-02-07
Gotham 5 x 5Legend of Dark Knight: Pena Dura2019-01-31
Gotham 5 x 4

Legend of Dark Knight: Ruin

Gordon and Penguin are forced to work together and alliances are shaken when Lucius, Nygma and Barbara all have different ideas of the culprit behind recent events at Haven. Selina continues her quest for revenge against Jeremiah.

Legend of Dark Knight: Ruin2019-01-24
Gotham 5 x 3

Legend of Dark Knight: Penguin, Our Hero

With the creation of Haven as a safe place for refugees, Gordon hopes to stop the gang fighting in Gotham. Selina is determined to find Jeremiah and she convinces Bruce to help her. Penguin goes to Haven to reclaim his staff.

Legend of Dark Knight: Penguin, Our Hero2019-01-17
Gotham 5 x 2

Legend of Dark Knight: Trespassers

Gordon and Bullock investigate a location where several kids have been kidnapped. Barbara proves to be an unlikely ally to Gordon. Bruce looks into an alleged witch with healing powers for Selina. Nygma deals with demons of his own.

Legend of Dark Knight: Trespassers2019-01-10
Gotham 5 x 1

Legend of Dark Knight: Year Zero

No Man's Land Day 87-391—Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne face the chaos Gotham City has become. Their mission to keep the city safe becomes more complicated as the villains who survived the attack on the city begin to resurface and claim various territories. Selina Kyle grapples with how to deal with her uncertain future.

Legend of Dark Knight: Year Zero2019-01-03
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 12

Episode 12

While looking for the cryptic creator of an innovative augmented-reality game, an investment firm executive meets a woman who runs a hostel in Spain.

Episode 122019-01-06
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 11

Episode 11

At the news of Secretary Seo’s death in Granada, Hee-joo speeds home and tries to contact Jin-woo, but he doesn’t pick up. Hee-joo digs through her things to find the number for Alhambra Palace, where she previously worked, and urgently requests for her friend Diego to find someone who’s wandered into the dungeon prison.

Episode 112019-01-05
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 10

Episode 10

Jin-woo and Secretary Seo had taken the night train to Granada, and on the way, Secretary Seo had mentioned that Se-joo is the highest level player in the game, and wondered if he’s hiding out of fear of Marco. He asked why Se-joo would call them to Granada – maybe another problem? — but Jin-woo had just snapped testily that they’d find out when they got there.

Episode 102018-12-30
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 9

Episode 9

In the airplane to Granada, Hee-joo answers a call from Jin-woo just before take-off. He tells her that he found Se-joo and suggests that she deplane, since her efforts to search for her brother in Granada will be futile. Hee-joo demands that he reveal Se-joo’s whereabouts, but Jin-woo responds that he’ll tell her in person.

Episode 92018-12-29
K-Drama memories of the Alhambra 1 x 8

Episode 8

Jin-woo tells us in voiceover that when he left Granada, he thought he’d see Hee-joo again soon, when Se-joo returned. He’d instructed Secretary Seo to answer Se-joo’s emails as if he were him so that his family wouldn’t worry.

Episode 82018-12-23
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 7

Episode 7

When asked by Professor Cha if his hallucinations are still going on, he responds that he has to live without delusions. Hinting a complaint with Director Park who has been handling the corporate affairs of the company, he expresses his return to work since the business has been unstable.

Episode 72018-12-22
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 6

Episode 6

The episode opens with Hee Joo walking home in the rain and through flashbacks, we see that Yoo Ra unleashed her bitch fury on Hee Joo in full force, and Secretary Seo told her to return home first. Shockingly however, Jin Woo turns up in the middle of the night at the hostel asking for his contact lens. While Hee Joo retrieves it for him, Hyung Seok appears again but Jin Woo manages to escape another confrontation by staying in the car.

Episode 62018-12-16
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 5

Episode 5

Yoo Jin Woo is no longer enjoying the virtual reality game in the tvN drama Memories Of The Alhambra. He is now being hunting by his dead former friend, Cha Hyung Seok. Jin Woo needs to find out how he keeps on seeing Hyung Seok when he is already dead.

Episode 52018-12-15
Under Nineteen 1 x 10

Episode 10 With 'J-Hope' to give tips and tricks

J-Hope will be appearing on the next episode (190105) of Under Nineteen, an MBC Survival Show, to give tips and tricks to the trainees! #HopeOnUnder19

Episode 10 With 'J-Hope' to give tips and tricks2019-01-05
Running Man 1 x 433

Episode 433

For the first race of the new year, the Running Man members must reach level 10 to win. Throughout the race, members must find adventures scattered throughout the ski resorts and complete them to ride levees.

Episode 4332019-01-06
My Only One 1 x 64

Episode 63-64

Da Ya notices Do Ran visitting Soo II in the middle of the night and wonders about her intent while being reminded of the similar occurrence from the last time.

Episode 63-642019-01-05
Real Men 300 1 x 15

Episode 15

In this episode, the members at the special forces go out for hasty march. They carry 15kg military gear and run 10km of mountain course. Meanwhile, the members at the White Skull Division get combat firing test. It is difficult even for active-duty soldiers. Jae Woo and Jae Min show their sense of rivalry again. Lucas gets flustered during the test, and an unexpected member gets the best score in the shooting. Stay tuned to check out!

Episode 152019-01-04
Vikings 5 x 16

The Buddha

Bjorn achieves one of Ragnar's dreams. Ivar hatches a new plan while preparing for a divine arrival. In Iceland, a settler returns in a terrible state. King Alfred faces his greatest threat yet.

The Buddha2019-01-02
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 4

Episode 4

Hee-ju and her family are elated over their sudden good fortune. Jin-woo deals with the shocking turn of events and tries to figure out what happened.

Episode 42018-12-09
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 3

Episode 3

As Jin-woo gets deeper into the game, he encounters a guitarist who looks uncannily familiar, and later makes an offer to Hee-ju that she can’t refuse.

Episode 32018-12-08
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 2

Episode 2

Jin-u learns that Jeong Hui-ju may hold the key. While trying to locate Se-ju, he notices that a new user has entered the immersive virtual universe.

Episode 22018-12-02
K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra 1 x 1

Episode 1

A frantic young man is running scared in Barcelona. After getting a strange call while on business in Spain, CEO Yu Jin-u heads to Granada on a quest.

Episode 12018-12-01
Deadly Class 1 x 1

Reagan Youth

A disillusioned teen finds purpose and fights for survival at an elite academy for the Deadly Arts.

Reagan Youth2019-01-16
Master In The House 1 x 5

Episode 50

In this episode, the members gather for the Year-end Review Special. They appear dressed up as if they are going to the awards ceremony. However, they find the red carpet at an unexpected place. Special masters join for the review, but they show sensitive and particular characters. Stay tuned to check out the masters for this special episode!

Episode 502018-12-30
Running Man 1 x 432

Episode 432

Guest: Soo Young SNSD, Sung Hoon, Seon Hwa, Jeon Hye Bin, Hwang Chi Yeul, and Park Ha Na.

Episode 4322018-12-30
Under Nineteen 1 x 9

Episode 9

Under Nineteen Ep 9, 언더 나인틴 , Under 19 Mission 2 Rules "Position Battle Team" 1st : 0 Elimination, Vocal Team 2nd : 4 Elimination, Performance Team 3rd : 5 Elimination, RAP Team

Episode 92018-12-29
Under Nineteen 1 x 8

Episode 8

The three teams prepare for Round 2. With Team Rap in the lead, the other two teams are prepared to do their best to beat them. However, during their Interim Evaluations, the directors of Team Rap and Team Vocals are disappointed with the quality and decide that changes must be made to win.

Episode 82018-12-22