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Mr. Mercedes 3 x 1

No Good Deed

The murder of iconic local author John Rothstein devastates Hodges. When unpublished works of Rothstein's are suspected to be stolen from his home, Hodges launches an investigation.

No Good Deed2019-09-10
American Horror Story 9 x 1

Camp Redwood

In the summer of 1984, five friends escape Los Angeles to work as counselors at Camp Redwood. As they adjust to their new jobs, they quickly learn that the only thing scarier than campfire tales is the past coming to haunt you.

Camp Redwood2019-09-18
Diagnosis 1 x 2

Un second avis

Les parents de Sadie, pétillante fillette de 7 ans, cherchent une alternative à l'effrayante opération du cerveau proposée par les médecins contre ses crises d’épilepsie.

Un second avis2019-08-16
Diagnosis 1 x 1

Un travail de détective

Autrefois sportive, Angel, 23 ans, souffre de douleurs musculaires si graves qu'elles l'immobilisent fréquemment. La future infirmière veut des réponses.

Un travail de détective2019-08-16
Legend of the Phoenix 1 x 14

Episode 14

We don’t have an overview translated in English. Help us expand our database by adding one.

Episode 142019-06-11
Peaky Blinders 5 x 5

The Shock

As Tommy reveals his intentions for Mosley, someone close to the Shelbys is targeted.

The Shock2019-09-15
Peaky Blinders 5 x 4

The Loop

Tommy agrees to dangerous new partnerships when a golden opportunity presents itself, and a Shelby party promises fireworks.

The Loop2019-09-08
The Deuce 3 x 2

Morta di Fame

Frankie takes his amateur porn business to the next level and ends up in a confrontation with Rudy, who pushes Vincent to up his profits. Candy brainstorms a new film based on the experiences of her fellow sex workers and finds that her new beau Hank is not shaken by her past. Abby and Loretta take care of Shay when she shows up to the Hi-Hat in bad shape.

Morta di Fame2019-09-16
Pennyworth 1 x 8

Sandie Shaw

While Lord Harwood returns to take control of the Raven Society, Alfred, Dave Boy and Bazza form an unlikely alliance with the Sykes Sisters.

Sandie Shaw2019-09-15
The Deuce 3 x 1

The Camera Loves You

On the eve of 1985, a worn-out Vincent reconnects with his ex-wife, Andrea, as his open relationship with Abby grows more distant. Despite becoming a family man, Frankie continues his risky side hustles. With the newly dominant VHS format shaking up their industry, Candy and Harvey travel to Las Vegas for an adult film convention. Now a bartender at the Hi-Hat, Loretta becomes an active member of Women Against Pornography.

The Camera Loves You2019-09-09
Legend of the Phoenix 1 x 13

Episode 13

We don’t have an overview translated in English. Help us expand our database by adding one.

Episode 132019-06-11
Fear the Walking Dead 5 x 14

Today and Tomorrow

A survivor sends Al and Morgan into a dangerous settlement where Al chases a lead.

Today and Tomorrow2019-09-15
Preacher 4 x 8

Fear of the Lord

Tulip and Cass struggle to keep Humperdoo hidden from the Grail, while Jesse remains MIA.

Fear of the Lord2019-09-15
Titans 2 x 2


While Dick trains the next generation of Titans, Donna and Kory track down a rogue metahuman. But an old threat drives the Titans – old and new – back together.

Mayans M.C. 2 x 2


As EZ and Angel reconnect, complications arise for the M.C. and Galindo.

The Terror 2 x 5

Shatter Like a Pearl

The Japanese Americans are forced to undertake a humiliating exercise that divides the community; Chester comes face to face with a man who forces him to question his very nature; Luz, stricken by grief, is forced to make an important choice.

Shatter Like a Pearl2019-09-09
Legend of the Phoenix 1 x 12

Episode 12

We don’t have an overview translated in English. Help us expand our database by adding one.

Episode 122019-06-06
Playing with Fire 1 x 10

Tragedy at the coffee axis

Andrea struggles to cope with the secrets she's discovered. While she mourns a loss, Martina receives Thiago's message. Camila begs for forgiveness.

Tragedy at the coffee axis2019-02-06
Euphoria 1 x 7

The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

Rue gets depressed and watches 22 straight episodes of a British reality show.​ Jules goes to visit an old friend. Cassie looks for advice in the aftermath of Halloween night.

The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed2019-07-28
Legend of the Phoenix 1 x 11

Episode 11

We don’t have an overview translated in English. Help us expand our database by adding one.

Episode 112019-06-06
Playing with Fire 1 x 9

Painful reality

Gildardo, Eliseo and Jorge's plan changes, and the cover-up story they tell the police leaves Poncho skeptical. Camila turns to Martina for help.

Painful reality2019-02-05
Preacher 4 x 7


Tulip and Cass tear after God; an old friend presents Jesse with an unique opportunity.

Fear the Walking Dead 5 x 13

Leave What You Don't

Logan's motives are revealed; Sarah and Dwight negotiate; a dangerous threat emerges.

Leave What You Don't2019-09-08
Playing with Fire 1 x 8

Fabrizio's hunt

Thiago tries to send out a message before he's forced to flee under Fabrizio's identity. Poncho looks for his friend. Andrea receives surprising news.

Fabrizio's hunt2019-02-04
Pennyworth 1 x 7

Julie Christie

While Martha and Thomas confront Crowley over his strange party and the return of Patricia, Alfred and the lads track down the identity of a wanted killer.

Julie Christie2019-09-08
The Terror 2 x 4

The Weak Are Meat

Chester, in search of a better life, is treated with hostility by his fellow Americans; Luz hopes to be accepted by Henry and Asako in their new home as the Japanese American community celebrates Obon, a festival to commemorate the dead.

The Weak Are Meat2019-09-02
Legend of the Phoenix 1 x 10

Episode 10

We don’t have an overview translated in English. Help us expand our database by adding one

Episode 102019-06-05
Titans 2 x 1


With Rachel's father, Trigon having successfully turned Dick dark, he sets out to win the others over to his side by embracing their inner darkness. With everyone under Trigon's control, Rachel and Gar find themselves fighting what seems like a hopeless battle against the powers of Trigon.

Mayans M.C. 2 x 1


The Reyes family is divided and the M.C. uncovers an internal leak.

Playing with Fire 1 x 7

Fabrizio's anger is unleashed

Martina learns the lengths Jorge will go to in order to control her. Dolores apologizes to her son. Fabrizio has an ominous feeling about his boss.

Fabrizio's anger is unleashed2019-01-31